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Using Gesture Controls for SXFI AIR
Using Gesture Controls for SXFI AIR

How do I use touch gestures to control SXFI AIR

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One Finger

  • Swipe up: increase volume

  • Swipe down: decrease volume

  • Double tap: play/pause

  • Double tap (incoming call): answer/end call

  • Swipe forward: next track

  • Swipe backward: previous track

SD Card Mode

  • Double tap with 2 fingers: shuffle on/off

USB Mode

  • Tap and hold for 4 seconds: Mass Storage mode on/off

  • Switching on/off Mass Storage mode takes 15 seconds. 2 short beeps will play to indicate switching on/off.

Call Panning

  • Swipe forward: pan vocal position right > center > left

  • Swipe backward: pan vocal position left > center > right

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