The SXFI AMP currently works with the Sony PS4 / PS4 Pro and the Nintendo Switch.

For the Nintendo Switch

Please update your AMP to the latest firmware version (by using the SXFI APP). We are aware earlier versions of the AMP firmware had issues with Nintendo Switch, but this has since been fixed in the current firmware. 

For the Sony PS4 / PS4 Pro

You will need to separately purchase the appropriate USB C-to-USB A cables as needed, which are not included. Before using your SXFI AMP with these consoles, you will need to do a one-time setup of the SXFI AMP with your profile, using an Android device. You should connect the AMP to the PS4 itself (not the controller).

The SXFI AMP does not work with the XBOX at the moment. We are, however, working with Microsoft to make it compatible with the XBOX.

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