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Is there a step by step guide to setup the SXFI AMP for use with Windows?
Is there a step by step guide to setup the SXFI AMP for use with Windows?

Can I use the SXFI AMP with Windows?

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Yes you can use the SXFI AMP with PCs or laptops running Microsoft Windows Creator’s Update (ver. 1703) or newer. 

After you have setup the AMP with your profile using an Android device, follow the steps below to ensure the optimal Super X-Fi experience.

Audio Settings Configuration

For the best experience with Super X-Fi, configure your audio settings in accordance with the number of audio channels in your content.

If you're playing content with 7.1 channel audio, do set your 'Audio Channels' configuration (in Step 4 below) to '7.1 Surround'.

If you are playing stereo content, correspondingly set this 'Audio Channels' configuration to 'Stereo'.

Step 1

Go to "Control Panel"
Click on "Hardware and Sound"

Step 2

Click on "Manage Audio Devices"

Step 3

Go to the "Playback" tab
Click on Speakers "Super X-Fi AMP" device item
Click on 'Configure'

Step 4

Click on "7.1 Surround" audio channels, and click 'Next

Step 5

Ensure all boxes are checked for Optional Speakers,
Click 'Next'

Step 6

Ensure all boxes are checked for Full-Range Speakers,
Click 'Next'

Step 7

Click on 'Finish'

Step 8

You'll return to the Sound / Playback devices list.
Click on 'Properties'

Step 9

Go to the 'Advanced' tab
Select "24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)"

Step 10

Go to the 'Spatial Sound' tab
Select "Off"
Click "OK"

In your application or game running on the PC, always do the following where possible:

  • Set game audio settings to 5.1 or 7.1 Speakers instead of Headphone (even though you're using the SXFI AMP with headphones)

  • Disable any headphone surround virtualisation

Congratulations, your setup is now done.

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