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Can I use the SXFI AMP with iOS devices?
Can I use the SXFI AMP with iOS devices?

Using the SXFI AMP with your iPhone and iPads

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You will need to use an Android device to set up the SXFI AMP. This is a one-time setup process where you take the pictures of your ear/head, and this profile is downloaded to the AMP connected to that Android device. This cannot be done with an iOS device.
After this is done, you can unplug the AMP from the Android device, and then you're free to use it with any other devices (Mac / Windows PC / laptop / PS4 / iphone, etc).

We are aware of iOS users finding they are able to use the SXFI AMP (already previously setup by a separate Android device), by using the camera cable connector from Apple and a USB A-to-USB C cable. We do not provide support for such use.

Setting up the SXFI AMP for your iPhone

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