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Why do I need the SXFI APP?

Is installing the SXFI APP necessary to start using the AMP?

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You need the SXFI APP to setup your profile for Super X-Fi devices. You will have to create an account with your email address on the SXFI APP, then proceed to map your head and both ears to create your personalized Super X-Fi profile.
You will be able to create multiple Super X-Fi profiles within the SXFI APP, and select your headphones accordingly as well. The SXFI APP is required when setting up your Super X-Fi devices as it will program the device with your unique listening profile and headphone choice.

Please note that the SXFI APP is required for the operation of all SXFI products and is currently only available in the following countries: Singapore, United States. Availability of product support services for SXFI products is also limited to the country which the SXFI product was purchased.

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