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What devices work with the SXFI AMP?
What devices work with the SXFI AMP?

Are there devices that are known to be incompatible with the SXFI AMP?

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The SXFI AMP works best with Android devices, but also works with Windows PCs, macOS, the PS4™ and the Nintendo Switch™. The SXFI AMP will work with most phones and laptops that have a USB Type-C connector (or with appropriate converters for other USB type ports).

For iPhone & iPad users, we are aware of iOS users finding they are able to use the SXFI AMP (already previously setup by a separate Android device), by using the camera cable connector from Apple and a USB A-to-USB C cable. Do note that we do not provide support for such use cases.

The following devices exhibit compatibility issues with the SXFI AMP, and are not supported: 

  • Huawei Honor 9 Lite / P8, P20, P20 Pro, and others in series

  • OPPO R9, R11s, R17

  • Sony Xperia XA series and XA1 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Do note that the SXFI AMP is for wired connectivity only, and does not have Bluetooth capabilities. It requires a USB input, and has a 3.5mm audio output.

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