What is the SXFI AMP?
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The SXFI AMP incorporates the all-new ‘mind-blowing’ and award-winning Super X-Fi technology which is miniaturised into a dongle no larger than a finger. 

It is also a premium high-performance headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even studio-grade headphones.

The SXFI AMP is small, portable, and for the first time in the world brings such technology to the mass market at an affordable price point. 

It also works for any content out there - even standard stereo content from streaming sources such as Netflix or Youtube sound amazing with Super X-Fi.

Quickstart Guide

1. Super X-Fi button

  • Press to toggle Super X-Fi ON/OFF.

2. LED Indicator

  • Solid Green LED (Super X-Fi enabled or head-mapping profile has been transferred successfully)

  • Solid Orange/Amber LED (Super X-Fi disabled or SXFI AMP detected)

  • Red blinking LED (transferring head-mapping profile into SXFI AMP)

3. Volume + button

  • Press button to increase playback volume.

4. Play/Pause/Taking or Ending Call button

  • During playback, press button to toggle play or pause.

  • For incoming call, press button to pick up call.

  • For incoming call, hold button to reject call.

  • During call, press button to end call.

5. Volume - button

  • Press button to decrease playback volume.

6. Headphone Out jack

  • 3.5mm TRRS jack for headphone

7. USB input port

  • USB Type-C

  • Connect to smart mobile devices/PC/Mac/PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 4 Pro/Nintendo Switch.

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