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Why is Super X-Fi different from 3D sound?
Why is Super X-Fi different from 3D sound?

Super X-Fi is not 3D sound, it is holographic audio and never been done before.

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3D sound has traditionally needed specifically supported content to give a reasonable experience. Attempting to use 3D audio processing on content not specifically made for 3D, such as standard stereo or mono tracks, often results in the audio becoming muddy and lacking clarity. 

3D audio companies have traditionally taken an approach of a generic one-size-fits-all approach, resulting in there being no single optimal way for everyone to enjoy 3D audio.

Super X-Fi technology recreates the sound of the original 7.1 speakers in a natural way. Whether it sounds like you're listening to it in a bubble all surrounding you or not depends on the intent of the content creator. The source content creator will be the one deciding the location of audio elements in each speaker channel, not Super X-Fi. Super X-Fi recreates this faithfully for headphones. If it feels like it is immersive on speakers, it will feel immersive on SXFI AMP driven headphones.

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